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We are a dynamic web marketing and SEO provider which helps companies harness the commercial power of the internet.

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At Jumping Spider Media we’re not just in the business of creating and managing successful online marketing campaigns, we’re also in the business of creating happy clients. Our clients’ success is at the heart of our success. That means going over and above and we believe that’s the key difference between us and a run-of-the-mill SEO or PPC company: we make sure we do far more than the ‘next guy’.


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Jumping Spider Media is a leading SEO provider and digital marketing consultancy that can help you accomplish your online goals.

The internet is no longer simply an information superhighway, it’s now a bustling marketplace with companies vying for the best positions to attract the attention of their customers. From Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), social media and great website copy, all areas of web marketing ultimately has the same goal: maximum visibility for your website to increase lead volume and boost profitability.
Every online business needs an internet marketing strategy and at Jumping Spider Media we help our clients tailor a campaign that is right for them, gaining them front page visibility and targeted traffic which converts to sales.

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Achieving direct engagement on Facebook adverts has commonly been a problem for small businesses. Interacting with, capturing the attention of, and being useful to your followers is the key to success on Facebook. It is not as simple as just putting an advert on Facebook and letting the social platform do the work for you. The text, image and audience you select are vitally important. Here are some tips for creating the ultimate advert on Facebook.

By Louise
The top strategies to increase awareness of your brand
29 January 2018

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small start-up or a large, established company, brand awareness is incredibly important and should therefore always be a priority. Your customer base is the backbone of your business as it increases both revenue and reputation so how do you increase the amount potential customers that know about your brand? Here are some of the most efficient methods. 

By Gareth