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1. What is geofencing marketing and how can it benefit you?


These days, most people carry their phones with them wherever they go, using them to browse the internet, shop, and communicate. This has caused a monumental shift in marketing, giving small businesses access to avenues that would usually only be open to larger corporations. One of these options is geofencing.

geofencing marketing target audience adverts
By Gareth
2. Tips for improving engagement on Facebook ads

Achieving direct engagement on Facebook adverts has commonly been a problem for small businesses. Interacting with, capturing the attention of, and being useful to your followers is the key to success on Facebook. It is not as simple as just putting an advert on Facebook and letting the social platform do the work for you. The text, image and audience you select are vitally important. Here are some tips for creating the ultimate advert on Facebook.

facebook facebook ads adverts engagement
By Louise
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