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1. Can't decide what to write for your next blog post? Here are some ideas

If you have been regularly adding new content to a blog on your business website for quite a while, your enthusiasm could understandably falter as your well of inspiration seems to run dry. Have you really mined every last drop of potential from your blog? No, probably not...

copywriting website blog content blogging
By Louise
2. Okay, Google - how can I promote my site through Google Assistant?

It was once a world that we seemed to only see in science fiction - but, in recent years, more and more of us have become accustomed to conversing with machines. For that, we can thank intelligent voice assistants like Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa and, especially excitingly, Google Assistant.

Google copywriting voice search
By Gareth
3. Copywriting secrets that will attract new customers

We know that good copywriting can help you grow your business, but we also know it can be a challenge to craft a message that works wonders for your marketing. Every business wants to attract new customers, but many are foregoing some key copywriting skills, making it more difficult to get to where they need to be.


With that in mind, here are some tried and tested copywriting ‘secrets’ that are proven to give you results.

blogging copywriting content marketing
By Gareth
4. Blog content mistakes to avoid

Given the proven effectiveness of content marketing, you could see a clear appeal in setting up - and regularly updating - a blog for your company's website. However, you shouldn't expect quick success in content marketing simply from adding to a blog a few times every month.

Here, we outline a few blunders that can be too commonly made by companies that update blogs. Aim to give all of these approaches a wide berth...

Blogging content marketing copywriting
By Louise
5. Maintain your SEO results by reviving your old blog posts

Updates are necessary every now and again, so why should your blog posts be any different? Not only is this important to ensure that your content remains up to date and original, but to sustain your website’s SEO efforts as best you can.

SEO blogging adwords copywriting
By Liz
6. 4 copywriting tips to improve your website’s search engine optimisation

The key to writing good copy is striking a balance between your audience and search engines – but it’s entirely possible to boost your website’s search engine optimisation by following these four tips.

copywriting seo
By Louise
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