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1. Looking back on social media in 2018 and what to expect in the coming year

In 2018, we saw a glimpse of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, as well as some major data breaches by Facebook. But what were the main trends of social media in 2018 and will they continue into 2019?

Social Media twitter marketing
By Gareth
2. 4 social media trends to look out for in 2018

At Jumping Spider Media, we believe that social media is a must for any business. Having an active presence on sites like Twitter and Instagram can set you apart from the competition and increase brand recognition, but keeping up to date with the latest trends can be tough. 

social media twitter instagram facebook
By Liz
3. Are you protecting your brand’s reputation on social media as well as you can?

In the words of Warren Buffett, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” It’s true that on social media, too, businesses can spend a great amount of time and effort carefully cultivating an image for themselves, only for one or two mistakes or misfortunes to ruin their painstaking work. 

social media twitter facebook
By Liz
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