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Can Bing ever get Google on the back foot?
10 June 2009

Can Bing ever get Google on the back foot? Posted by Louise Bing – the next big thing or just Microsoft bling? As you’d imagine, the geekworld is out in force and forums crackle with fervently held opinion…and Microsoft’s new search engine only became public on 1 June! The main area of debate, unsurprisingly, is whether Bing can compete with behemoth Google; inherently in terms of properties, function and results, and quantitatively when it comes to market share. Microsoft has had various web search vehicles over the years, but none...

By Louise
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Catch the Google Wave
03 June 2009

Google Wave is a new real-time communication platform and the latest offering from the giants of search to be creating a buzz in the world of digital marketing and the wider world. More than email, texting, Twitter and Facebook combined (according to Google that is) – in a nutshell it’s a ‘wave’ of threaded conversations including the history of all conversations you’ve ever had with that person.

By Gareth
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