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Should your company use Twitter and if so, how?
23 May 2010

Should your company use Twitter and if so, how? Posted by Louise Social media should be a component of any comprehensive digital marketing package, but knowing how to harness social media to benefit your company and not harm your brand is not always as simple as it seems. Having a Facebook page and Twitter account is not enough to make you conversant in social media; as is true for any type of effective marketing, there are no short cuts. A company that simply ‘turns up’ in a social media environment without actively and intelligently...

By Louise
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SEO – slow and steady wins the race
07 May 2010

SEO – slow and steady wins the race Posted by Gareth One of the most common questions that we come across as an SEO provider is why does SEO take so long? We find this a puzzling question as we adhere to the belief that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well and with an eye on the long game, but we do understand that clients need to see the fastest possible ROI on their online acitivity. So let’s look at why, when it comes to SEO, taking short cuts in an attempt to manipulate faster results is – at best – a false economy...

By Gareth
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SEO: all about longevity
10 May 2010

SEO: all about longevity Posted by Gareth Jumping Spider Media, as a digital marketing company, understands that SEO can never be a quick fix. Chances are your SEO provider has told you many a time that search engine optimisation is all about the long game; take your foot off the digital marketing pedal and you’ll fall quickly behind your online competitors. Here at Jumping Spider Media we admit that we sing from the same hymn sheet: you have to invest and engage in SEO over the long-term. While it may be frustrating for companies to hear...

By Gareth
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