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Digital marketing helping companies to weather the economic storm
16 September 2013

Digital marketing helping companies to weather the economic storm Posted by Louise Independent reports continue to show digital marketing is at the heart of a successful strategy in a downturn. The findings show not only that it is vital to utilise internet marketing to survive in a modern recession, but also that businesses that best harness search engine marketing will in fact thrive while others struggle, leaving them best positioned to overtake their competitors at the first sign of the eagerly awaited green shoots of recovery. A report...

By Louise
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The dangers of being seduced by cheap SEO

Search engine optimisation is certainly a priority that has loomed increasingly large for many businesses, with even many small, very much locally-oriented companies now anxiously hammering the term ‘SEO provider’ into Google to see what experts they can get in touch with in order to boost their search engine result rankings. There is, however, a danger that needs to be pointed out. No matter how important it is for your company to remain in budget and to find the most competitively priced products and services imaginable, you are...

By Gareth
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