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Tackling those reputation-damaging social media bullies
30 January 2014

Has your site been on the receiving end of some harsh criticism on social media? That may well be a "yes". After all, ranting about a firm's poor customer service or product on Facebook or Twitter isn't the same as doing it in a pub. On social media, the slightest bad feedback can spread to great numbers of other potential customers... fast. 

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Is your company blog doing the job?
24 January 2014
More and more, your company's blog is playing an integral role in its success or failure. After all, this is the chance for potential customers to see a little more of your firm's human face, behind the formality of your main website. But is it really doing the job it should?
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What defines the SEO landscape in 2014?
17 January 2014

With SEO having always been characterised by constant change, it's important to keep up to date with the latest developments in the field, in response to the alteration to Google's algorithms that happens hundreds of times a year.

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