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Should you go for quality or quantity with your link building?
21 March 2014

Link building is one SEO subject that has caused no shortage of confusion, frustration and occasional elation among online business owners since it first gained importance - back in the days when simply having a hatful of links to your site from anywhere and everywhere was enough for a great ranking.

Since then, though, you may have heard stories about how link building is a no-no... about how changes to Google's algorithms mean a 'bad' link can send your site down the search engine rankings. It might seem easier at times to just forget about link building, but our advice is: don't. The right links are still extremely powerful in boosting the authority, credibility and - of course - ranking of your site.

By Gareth
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How to avoid wasting your Google AdWords budget
13 March 2014

If you’re using Google AdWords or considering using it as part of your company’s online advertising effort, it’s fair to say that you’re not alone – but so much competition only increases the importance of spending your money wisely. That means swerving well clear of those ‘beginner’ mistakes.

What mistakes are those? Well, with only 70 characters to play with in your advert, it’s vital to succinctly communicate your company or campaign’s unique selling point. Is there a limited-time-only sale going on? Are you offering free delivery? Perhaps customers can get 50 per cent off their first order? Whatever your USP is, it needs to be made absolutely clear.

By Louise
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Our favourite quick tips for on-site SEO
07 March 2014

It's one thing to get all of those off-site SEO components - such as link building - right. But it's quite another thing to ensure that your on-site SEO - pertaining to everything that is on your actual website - is delivering the best possible results. In the spirit that many small things added together can make a big difference, here are some of our favourite quick on-site SEO tips.

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