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Getting the right landing page for Google AdWords
29 April 2014

Google AdWords is a key plank of many of our clients' online marketing campaigns, and if there's anything that the more experienced of those clients know well, it's that the right landing page is really important to their success in Pay Per Click (PPC). 

By Louise
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How else can you build links in 2014?
24 April 2014

These are very different times for link building compared to just three or four years ago. Before the Penguin and Panda Google algorithm updates came along, directory links and article links were the links you had to have - and the more of them you had, the better things were for your site. Then, once Penguin and Panda did break cover, quality suddenly became all-important, manifesting in widespread infographics and guest blogging.

By Gareth
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Talk to Jumping Spider Media about protecting your company's online reputation
16 April 2014

You only need to see the travails that certain household name companies or celebrities have been going through in the courts, on social media or elsewhere in recent times to see that just one or two negative headlines can severely damage a reputation built up over decades.

But what about your own firm? If a few negative reviews or comments about your business surface in the search engine rankings, what should you do, and perhaps even more importantly, what can you do?

By Kerry
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Why low quality copywriting truly is a terrible idea

In many areas of life, it may seem the wise thing to save money at every opportunity. For example, what difference does it make if you do your weekly shopping at a cheaper supermarket? However, such thinking is extremely dangerous when it comes to boosting your online company's search engine rankings, for more than a few reasons.

By Louise
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Don't ruin your brand on social media!
02 April 2014

Social media is far from a bad thing for your company's online presence - in fact, it can be very good indeed, as we know full well here at Jumping Spider Media. But we've also seen way too many examples of website owners getting their approach to social media badly wrong.

By Gareth
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