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Give your local SEO a timely boost
28 May 2014

If your company has a physical address and you wish to attract nearby customers, it's increasingly impossible to ignore local SEO. Whether you're a car salesman in Croydon, a fancy dress shop in Newcastle or an IT support company in Kent, you'll want people nearby to find you in the way that local people increasingly do find companies like yours these days: online, via Google.

By Louise
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Never run out of great ideas for a blog post!
18 May 2014

When your business is under pressure to keep producing new content on its blog and therefore remain relevant in the eyes of Google's spiders, you can end up basically writing about the same topic, time and time again.

Here at Jumping Spider Media, however, our crack writers certainly know how to create continually fresh and interesting blog content. Here are a few of the ways they do it.

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Is it worth your business having a Tumblr presence?
13 May 2014
Tumblr is far from the most obvious social media site on which to have a business presence, with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn invariably ranking first in that regard. The attractions of this micro-blogging platform to businesses are obvious, however.
By Kerry
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Characteristics of the best website copywriting
06 May 2014

It's easy to think that writing content for your website is no different to writing blog posts, online press releases or articles - and in some ways, you'd be right. However, there's a definite art to great web copy, content that is so much more effective than the 'hard sell'.

By Gareth
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