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Why spending a little more on SEO really is worthwhile
30 June 2014

Imagine that you're buying a house. How much do you spend on it? Well, that depends, doesn't it? A house may offer all of those little luxuries, but be located in an undesirable, crime-ridden area or turn out to have serious structural problems that will take many thousands more pounds to put right.

By Gareth
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How to get started building 'white hat' links
25 June 2014

You can't avoid link building when you're trying to boost your site's search engine rankings. The right links to your website, from the right people, are worth their weight in SEO gold - but of course, they're also notoriously difficult to obtain.

This is where it's so important to know the difference between 'white hat' (ethical) and 'black hat' (unethical) SEO techniques. You might get results faster with black hat tactics, but they're also likely to land you with a penalty or seven from Google.

There's always a fine balance to strike between white hat and black hat tactics, so what are the methods to avoid, and which ones are ethical and will get you sustained results?

By Louise
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Are you really getting the most out of Pay Per Click?
15 June 2014

Whatever advertising program you choose for a Pay Per Click (PPC) management campaign - here at Jumping Spider Media, we're experts in Google Adwords and its most recent changes - it's so easy to underestimate how much it will cost.

Yes, you may be able to purchase some clicks for pennies, but those are only the keywords that no other companies are competing for. For keywords where there's some serious competition due to large numbers of users entering them into Google, you can find yourself paying £20 or more... just for a click. A click, it's vital to remember, doesn't automatically mean a purchase.

By Gareth
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Use Twitter to build a strong business reputation
11 June 2014

Becoming a big deal on Twitter definitely doesn't happen overnight. It's something that is diligently built over a period of months by an online business that knows how to keep its followers engaged and participating in any discussions that arise.

It all helps to build up an image of your company as an authority in its field - but what should you do to ensure success on this ubiquitous micro-blogging platform?

By Gareth
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Achieve better search rankings in the era of Panda 4.0
03 June 2014

We've talked about Google algorithm changes before, and how they can significantly impact the search rankings of an online business. In many ways, the latest one - Panda 4.0 - is just like the rest in the emphasis it places on high quality websites and content.

By Louise
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