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3 sales-boosting copywriting tricks
29 July 2014

Copywriting isn't just about a well-written sentence, and it certainly isn't about always following the time-honoured rules. There's dark art about copywriting, with the best techniques for boosting awareness, online traffic, sales and your brand not necessarily the most obvious.

Just try the following three tips for size...

By Louise
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A few quick ecommerce SEO tips
23 July 2014

It's important to recognise that while SEO best practices are fairly consistent across the various types of company website, there are some elements that you should bear especially closely in mind when you are constructing or refining your company's ecommerce presence.

Ecommerce sites tend to be rather larger than regular sites, given their many different category, product and transactional pages. Here are some of the most important SEO considerations for your own e-tail store. 

By Louise
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Grab attention with these great 3 headline-writing techniques
14 July 2014

We may now be in a firmly digital world, but traditional advertising and marketing practices still frequently hold fast, and this could barely be more true than in the writing of effective headlines. From the earliest newspaper articles to current tweets, there has always been a need for marketers to attract readers' attention.

Here are some of our favourite ways of ensuring exactly that.

By Gareth
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3 great reputation-boosting social media campaign ideas
07 July 2014

Managing your reputation online can be tricky at the best of times - without the right preparation and an understanding of how your company is already seen and what is likely to work with your audience, even the most theoretically brilliant social media campaign can backfire.

That's why we would always strongly recommend launching campaigns like those below in close collaboration with an agency that knows how to get both social media and reputation management right - like Jumping Spider Media. 

By Louise
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