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Why, if you are a musician, you should focus heavily on link building
24 August 2014

Do you want to increase sales of your music? Jumping Spider Media can help you to amass many links to your website that can help to enhance that website's online visibility. There are many good reasons why you should seek to amass many links in order to meet this end. One such reason is that selling music is a competitive business and so you likely need all the help that you can get to stand out from the crowd. Below, we explain more thoroughly why you should concentrate greatly on effective link building for your website.

By Gareth
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Why local SEO is crucial if you have a small business
17 August 2014

We have often been told, in many walks of life, to walk before we run - in other words, start small and wait until we really feel ready before we try to develop into something big. This kind of advice is repeated often, as it is genuinely wise advice - and, indeed, it applies to attracting customers to your business. If your business is small, you should first try to attract customers from near where your business operates and wait until your company has sufficiently grown in popularity before you start endeavouring to attract customers from further afield. This begins to explain why local SEO is important for the development of your small business.

By Louise
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Convert those social media followers into committed fans
12 August 2014

Attracting a new follower to one of your social media accounts is always good news, but there's a big difference between curious newcomers and those who hang on to your every status update or tweet. The latter is a very valuable social media follower indeed: someone who is continually engaged with your brand story.

By Louise
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Why you'll be glad you improved your AdWords quality score
04 August 2014

What is extremely important to your Google AdWords success, and yet is completely ignored by most companies? Your quality score, that's what. Many businesses don't realise just how much money they are effectively throwing away by failing to tend to their quality score.

As vital as costs per click and conversion rates are, your PPC campaign manager should also keep a diligent eye on your quality scores and make adjustments as necessary.

Benefits of a higher AdWords quality score include a lower cost per click, which can immensely influence a campaign's success, particularly if your budget is limited. A decent quality score can also deliver you better ad positions and higher revenue. 

By Gareth
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