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How your link building strategy should be like a box of Quality Street
28 January 2015

When you are struggling to decide what to get for a family for Christmas, what do you actually end up buying for them? Well, it seems likely to be a big tin of Quality Street. There's one good reason, perhaps above all, why this often seems the ideal gift to get for the average family: it's full of variety. To recite an already very familiar phrase, there is yes something for everyone. Or, at least, close to it. Variety is a good word to keep in mind when you are working to build links to your company's website and Jumping Spider Media can also keep that word in mind for you.

By Gareth
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Tips for using SEO to encourage more visitors for your company’s YouTube channel
12 January 2015

Considering that the video sharing website YouTube has one billion unique users every month and is the Internet's second most-searched website, you certainly shouldn't overlook the great potential of using it to online promote your company. The implications of optimising your company's YouTube channel largely differ from those of optimising its main website. For that reason, we at the web marketing company Jumping Spider Media reckon that you should carefully read the following tips for using SEO to help your company to attract more hits for its YouTube channel.

By Gareth
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Why is effective reputation management crucial for someone who runs a hotel?
04 January 2015

Of all of the various industries in the world, the hospitality industry is among those most influenced by online reputation. This is because, when many people prepare for travel, they like to use the Internet to research different hospitality services, before they decide which of these services to use. If you run a hotel, you should be particularly aware that 93% of people surveyed by the travel website TripAdvisor consider reviews crucial when deciding what hotel to book. Below, we explain further about why good reputation management, which you can achieve with help from Jumping Spider Media, can contribute much towards your hotel's success.

By Gareth
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