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New research confirms that pay per click remains effective in 2015
27 October 2015

If you've began to have creeping doubts that PPC - that's pay per click - is really the right step forward for your company's promotional success, we only need to point you towards the results of a new study. According to this study, PPC campaigns have resulted in "really good" success for 78% of marketers this year. And that's far from the only statistic strongly confirming that, far from being outdated, PPC is very much here to stay in 2015.

By Gareth
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Why companies using PPC should always bid on their branded terms
08 October 2015

For companies promoting themselves through PPC, it can be arduous to find terms to bid on that are inexpensive, but also genuinely effective in attracting visitors to their website through Google. However, they are likely looking right at such terms on every working day. That's because, for just about any company, bidding on their branded terms can prove surprisingly fruitful.

By Gareth
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