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What the example of Napoleon could surprisingly teach you about social media
19 November 2015

The Romans and Napoleon both tried to build one, but eventually failed in their attempts and are today very much with us only in history books. Tried to build what exactly? Simple: an empire! And what exactly does any of this history have to do with social media and how you could use it to great promotional effect? Basically, it can teach you that building your own empire - a social media empire, to be exact - is possible, but you shouldn't overlook the big challenge of maintaining it...

By Gareth
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Why hotels should encourage, not discourage, customers to post online reviews
11 November 2015

It's fair to say that, in the early years of TripAdvisor, some hoteliers hoped that their customers would not post reviews to the site. After all, if TripAdvisor was unpopular or wasn't around, it would've been easier for these staffers to promote their services in a positive light... surely? Actually, that's not strictly true. There are surprisingly compelling reasons why reviews to that site can really benefit hotels.

By Louise
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