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Prepare for even more iPhones with more effective mobile marketing
24 June 2015

Few things in life are certain, but Apple releasing at least one new iPhone every September seems to be one of them. Well, it's close to certain, anyway. The US tech giant is currently rumoured to be readying two new iPhones, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, for officially revealing in... yes, that month. Furthermore, the company has reportedly ordered the manufacture of a record number of iPhones in preparation for the launch of these handsets.

By Gareth
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Why good storytelling can attract more customers to your business
19 June 2015

"If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten." This sentiment is commonly attributed to the English writer Rudyard Kipling - who, as we have already established, seems a surprisingly good source of advice for crafting good web copy. He is indeed right about storytelling being a powerful tool; here, we explain why it can be promotionally fruitful for your business.

By Gareth
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Why you, like Apple, should 'think different' for advertising slogans
10 June 2015

Apple clearly knows much about effective branding; today, it is one of the planet's most recognisable companies, and its logo - yes, that silhouette of an apple with a bite in it - has become a powerful cultural symbol. The advertising slogan that is perhaps most commonly associated with the company today is 'Think different'. 

By Louise
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Approaching local SEO as your business expands to multiple locations
03 June 2015

For a small business seeking to develop a good SEO profile, local SEO can be a great starting point. Jumping Spider Media can help you in building effective local SEO; however, while doing so, your business could expand to many other places beyond its original location. If, for example, your business was originally set up in Newcastle, it could soon start also operating in nearby places like Gateshead, Sunderland and Durham. Here is some advice for adapting your local SEO strategy should your company indeed develop in this manner.

By Gareth
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