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Here’s why Android-using marketers should download the AdWords app
29 January 2016

We at Jumping Spider Media are delighted to help your business to a valuable head start when it comes to spreading the word through Google AdWords. However, if you have a smartphone or tablet running the Android operating system, we would urge you to also download the AdWords app. It’s recently been updated, and offers a pleasing range of features for keeping track of your online advertising exploits and their returns.

By Louise
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New to Google AdWords? Ease yourself in gently with AdWords Express
19 January 2016

Though we at Jumping Spider Media are proud of how we have helped various businesses to get the most out of Google’s online advertising service AdWords, we also know that some people reading this could be completely new to online advertising… to the extent where getting to grips with AdWords could still leave them feeling daunted. Those people can benefit from a gentler learning curve thanks to AdWords Express.

By Gareth
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