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Three reasons why your business should be using LinkedIn
27 October 2016

As the world’s biggest professional social network, LinkedIn is a giant. Although the site focuses on job seekers and professionals, it’s easy for your business to join the platform. Creating a company page gives you access to a whole world of analytics and a huge network of connections that could be used to help your business grow. If your social media strategy is focused exclusively on Facebook and Twitter, then here's why you should seriously consider enhancing your presence on LinkedIn.

By Louise
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Here's why Snapchat should be an essential part of your digital marketing strategy
20 October 2016

Mobile technologies are changing the way consumers interact with brands, and Snapchat is one of the leaders on this front. Millions of pictures and videos are sent on the platform every day, and while the platform is primarily focused on connecting friends and family, it’s possible to use Snapchat to market your business and put your products in front of a new audience.

By Louise
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Create a great call to action and convert your leads into sales
12 October 2016

With so much competition on the internet, it can be difficult to convert your website’s visitors into paying customers. Companies across the globe are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to drawing in visitors, and a personalised call to action is a great way of achieving this. 

By Liz
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