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Why the mobile revolution is boosting the effectiveness of social media marketing
25 February 2016

The mobile revolution sparked in the previous decade has continued unabated; according to Ofcom's 2015 Communications Market Report published in August, 33% of the country's Internet users consider their smartphone their most vital device for getting online, while 19% most favour their tablet. Those are respective increases of 10% and 4% since 2014. All of this has led to a situation where your social media marketing campaign is probably more crucial than ever.

By Gareth
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New marketing possibilities as AdWords app expands to iPhone and iPad
17 February 2016

As we at Jumping Spider Media have recently enthused, the AdWords mobile app is great for marketers wielding Android devices. Still, plenty of business owners prefer iPhones and iPads, and those devices had long been denied this wonderful app. Fortunately, the wait for Apple followers is now over, as Google has finally introduced an iOS version of the AdWords app.

By Louise
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