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Want to rank well for local search terms? Then get link building...
28 April 2016

One of the first things that locally-oriented businesses are likely to know about search engine optimisation (SEO) is that targeting the most general search terms just won't do.

If, for instance, your firm is a restaurant in Bristol or a hotel in Peckham, you will want to rank well for exactly those terms, not least as there will almost certainly be too much competition anyway for such more general keywords as 'restaurants in southwest England' or 'hotels in London'.

By Louise
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What's the answer to your rankings quandary: SEO or PPC?
14 April 2016

Let's imagine that you run an online business and want to get your organisation's site ranked highly for relevant terms that your target customers are likely to search for in Google - for example, 'large screen TVs' or 'IT support in Bradford'.

There's only one thing for it - contacting someone who knows a thing or two about search engine optimisation (SEO). Or perhaps Pay Per Click (PPC)...

By Gareth
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At least headlines are quick and easy to write... or are they?
05 April 2016

Whether you are currently having great content crafted for your site by the Jumping Spider Media team of crack writers or are taking on the task yourself, it's easy to treat headlines as a bit of an afterthought. Surely, they either create themselves - there are, after all, surely only so many ways to title a 'services' page - or they're short enough to be easy and quick to come up with?

By Louise
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