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Easily measure your success in SEO with these free iPhone and iPad apps
25 May 2016

Remember the old advertising slogan in the early history of the iPhone, “There’s an app for that”? You know that it’s just as true as it’s ever been when there are even effective apps for measuring how far you’ve come with your SEO efforts. And all of the apps we recommend below are not only effective, but also free to download to your iPhone or iPad.

By Liz
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Some very common copywriting blunders – and how to avoid them
17 May 2016

Did you know that the average typist has an error rate of 8%? In other words, every 100 words they type includes 8 mistakes. In an article as long as this one, that rate would translate to 24 errors – that’s a lot! You likely wouldn’t be impressed if you saw that many in this article – but, thankfully, we know how many especially common errors can be avoided. Here is just a slice of what we know about keeping copywriting mistakes at bay.

By Louise
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Exciting new features on Twitter – and great ways to make use of them
11 May 2016

One major reason to keep social media as a weapon in your company’s online marketing arsenal is that the likes of Facebook and Twitter are regularly adding exciting new features for their users. So, what fresh functionality have Twitter’s developers been adding to the micro-blogging service recently? Here are just a few examples – along with some ideas for how you could effectively utilise them for your firm’s promotional campaigns.

By Gareth
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