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Social Media vs. Websites – which is a more effective marketing tool?
24 June 2016

With social media becoming an ever-larger part of our lives, many small and medium companies are beginning to ask whether investing in a website is necessary for a strong online presence. Below, we have rounded up the pros and cons of both social media and websites so you can make an informed decision on the right marketing strategy for your company.

By Louise
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How to improve your website page speed
15 June 2016

If you run an online business and want to improve your search engine optimisation, then improving the page speed of your website is a simple fix. Whether you’re hosted on a slow server or your website isn’t optimised for modern browsers, there are various factors why your website may be sluggish. By making some simple tweaks, however, you can quickly improve your page speed and make your website both more user friendly and search engine friendly.

By Liz
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AdWords is changing – how to be best prepared
08 June 2016

Google recently held its annual Performance Summit, and with it came the Innovations Keynote, where it announced plans to shake up the AdWords and Analytics platforms later this year. To get you prepared for the changes, we’ve rounded them up below and offered some useful tips to maximise your advertising investments.

By Gareth
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