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Are you losing business online because of these common mistakes?
27 July 2016

If your business has an online presence, the chances are that you already have a website and social media strategy for driving customers to your products. However, getting your business online is only the beginning of the hard work; indeed, maintaining and growing an audience can be the most challenging aspect of running a business.

By Gareth
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Twitter Dashboard is making it easier for small businesses to tweet
13 July 2016

If you find Twitter confusing, or you just don’t understand how to best use the tools it can offer to maximise your business leads, then its new Twitter Dashboard application could be the social media companion you need.

By Liz
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Mobile search is changing: What rank #0 means for your business
05 July 2016

If you have been following search engine optimisation practices, you will know that Google recently updated its algorithm to boost mobile-friendly web pages within its search rankings, a welcome sign for those who have spent time and resources in making their websites responsive. However, if you thought that this was the only change to mobile search results, you would be wrong.

By Liz
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