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How often should I blog to achieve maximum SEO performance?
30 September 2016

If your business objective is to succeed online, then you need to take content marketing and search engine optimisation seriously. One of the best ways of enhancing your SEO rankings is to create a blog and fill it with industry-specific content and relevant keywords. Sticking to a regular timeframe and blogging regularly is also essential. 

By Liz
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Google’s new algorithm update: What you need to know
15 September 2016

Earlier this month, Google rolled out its latest algorithm update, and with it, made changes to the way local search results were displayed. In typical Google style, the changes have yet to be confirmed by the search giant, but the local search engine community has cited some significant changes to the way in which local businesses are listed on the website.

By Liz
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Easy content marketing tips to boost customer engagement
08 September 2016

In an increasingly digital age, writing regular content is a great way to keep your audience engaged, whether that is through blog posts, social media or an email newsletter.

By Louise
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