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4 ways to find legal images for your social media campaigns
24 November 2017

Any successful social media campaign is likely to involve visual media such as images and videos. But if you’re a small or medium-sized business and don’t have the funds to commission original photography every time you want to post something visual, then you may want to consider using other people’s images and manipulating them for your posts.

By Louise
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How to improve your meta descriptions and titles
15 November 2017

Meta descriptions and titles are used to tell both users and search engines what information can be found on your webpage. Meta titles can directly affect SEO as this is the first thing Google looks at when crawling your page and is, therefore, the first indicator for Google when it is looking to rank your page. Meta descriptions, however, do not have a direct impact on SEO but they do affect rankings as they can have an impact on the click-through rate.

By Liz
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How to create a successful landing page
03 November 2017

A landing page is a one that receives traffic from anywhere apart from other pages on your website. These are visitors coming from social media, emails, PPC campaigns, and organic search, for example, who are directed to a range of different landing pages. A good landing page will encourage conversions and are tailored towards exactly what the visitor is looking for. Landing pages allow you to separate visitors and direct them towards specific information.

By Louise
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