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How to write the most persuasive marketing copy
31 July 2017

Effective and persuasive copy is vital to every marketing campaign whether that be reaching out via email, creating web copy or posting on social media. To get your brand’s message out quickly and effectively, here are some tips to write persuasive web copy. 

By Gareth
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The Instagram tools that will help you boost your sales
18 July 2017

While it’s true that Facebook remains the most popular social media platform, Instagram is picking up the pace when it comes to product promotion. Industry research by TrackMaven has shown that brands will experience the highest engagement on Instagram so for those who want to connect with a more engaged audience, it’s certainly worth a download alongside some of these tools. 

By Liz
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The best tactics for boosting new product awareness
04 July 2017

Spending time and energy creating a new product is all well and good until you have no idea where to start promoting it. You might be ready to add it to your site, hoping that sales will start rolling in, but getting an initial reaction to a new product isn’t as simple as that. Here are a few ways to increase the likelihood of your success. 

By Louise
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