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Why SEO keywords are vital to your company’s success
30 August 2017

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that no matter how good your web content is it won’t generate desired leads without the correct SEO keywords. This process is one of the oldest digital marketing tricks out there, and yet people still struggle to get it right. 

By Louise
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How loyal can loyalty programs really be?
16 August 2017

Recently, The Wall Street Journal published an article, Macy’s Faces a Test of Loyalty, which outlined the financial statistics of exactly how many of their customers account for their overall sales. This rarely disclosed information stated that only 9% of customers equalled 46% of sales which is an outstanding figure once you know that Macy’s revenues amount to somewhere in the area of $25 billion. 46% of $25 billion is $11.5 billion – not a lot, considering.  With this in mind, the store has considered a plan to encourage their customers to remain loyal by introducing a program that will begin in their next quarter. Will this be enough?

By Liz
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The great debate: sharing prices on your website, yes or no?
02 August 2017

At some point, all business owners have probably had to undergo the controversial decision of whether or not to advertise the price of their product or service on their website. This decision is a strategic one, and although on the one hand, it might make you feel vulnerable, on the other it can establish a sense of trust between you and the customer. So, why is there still a great debate about advertising your prices even if it is one of the most important factors in the buying cycle?

By Louise
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