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How submitting your website to directories can help your Google rankings
22 March 2018

A directory is a website that displays a categorised list of other websites. There are directories for almost any website type, including ‘Home and Garden’ sites, Electricians, Web designers and more. This week on the blog we will be discussing how links from these sites can help your SEO campaign and help you climb the Google ladder.

By Liz
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Is your website’s speed holding it back?
14 March 2018

Google announced earlier this year that from June 2018, the search engine will now be using page load speed as a ranking factor for mobile searches, but what exactly does this mean for your business?

By Gareth
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5 Common website content mistakes
05 March 2018

If your website traffic is decreasing and your bounce rate is increasing, you’ve come to the right place. This week on the blog, we are outlining some of the most common content mistakes that websites make.

By Liz
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