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How to get your website in the Google answer box
23 April 2018

If you have ever Googled a question and been presented with the answer at the summit of the search page, thus saving you needing to even click through to a website, you have come across a Google answer box. Your site can richly benefit from its own information landing in an answer box.

By Louise
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Using brand ambassadors to grow your business
09 April 2018

If you are struggling to get the word out about your company, handing many promotional responsibilities over to someone else can help you relieve lingering anguish. However, you should be careful who you task with promotion - and this is where brand ambassadors can come in.

By Liz
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5 SEO myths: busted
02 April 2018

If your business has little or no experience of SEO, it might readily buy into various myths about search engine optimisation. Here are five examples of particularly common misconceptions - followed by more accurate explanations of how different facets of SEO shape up.

By Gareth
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