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How to make use of Instagram Stories for your business
21 May 2018

Given the abundance of negative news that spreads on Facebook and Twitter, it shouldn't surprise that many people have flocked to the cuddlier world of Instagram, with its images of cute babies, kittens and artwork. The site now has 800 million monthly active users.

Plus, its Snapchat-like feature Instagram Stories is surprisingly business-friendly. Here are some tips for using it well.

By Louise
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Blog content mistakes to avoid
14 May 2018

Given the proven effectiveness of content marketing, you could see a clear appeal in setting up - and regularly updating - a blog for your company's website. However, you shouldn't expect quick success in content marketing simply from adding to a blog a few times every month.

Here, we outline a few blunders that can be too commonly made by companies that update blogs. Aim to give all of these approaches a wide berth...

By Louise
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Tips to ensure your email marketing campaign is a success
03 May 2018

Email has, over the years, preserved its affordability and effectiveness as a marketing medium. However, you shouldn't expect to gather a steady stream of new customers if you simply fire off a few promotional emails with copy lifted directly from your website. There's a definite art to catching attention through email marketing; here are some pointers for doing so.

By Liz
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