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What do millennials really want from a loyalty program?
25 July 2018

If your business wants to grow reliably, it should keep not only attracting new customers but also enticing them into making repeat purchases from your company. Setting up a loyalty program can help you to do that, but it carries particular implications if you want to attract millennials

By Gareth
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What is SMS marketing and how does it work?
16 July 2018

The theorised "paradox of choice" - the situation where a large degree of choice can make people indecisive - can seem surprisingly applicable to the world of marketing. You have many marketing means at your disposal, but which of them should you select for the best results?

You might have disregarded SMS marketing - otherwise known as text marketing - on account of its age, but it has a renewed relevance now that many people daily spend hours on their phones.

By Gareth
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How these native advertising examples raised the bar
02 July 2018

Native advertising blurs the line between standard advertising and more spontaneous content. You've probably had experiences of reading through an article or watching a video only to realise relatively late that it is advertising. Native advertising can use various other forms of media, too.

We can create such advertising for your company - and, if you remain uncertain about the benefits, consider the following examples of native advertising that proved effective.

By Gareth
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