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The importance of providing feedback to unsuccessful applicants
20 August 2018

Many candidates put a lot of time and effort in preparing for a job interview. They might have spent hours on their CV and cover letter, thoroughly researched the business and rehearsed their responses to questions that could arise. They may also have needed to travel far for the interview.

By Liz
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How much would your website benefit from a chatbot?
13 August 2018

There are various means to which you could resort in attempts to foster customer engagement. When someone visits your website, they might come across contact forms inviting them to sign up for a regular newsletter or start chatting with a human respondent in real time.

By Louise
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The latest B2B marketing trends to watch out for
03 August 2018

B2B - business-to-business - marketing has long been reputed as the rather "dull" brother of B2C - business-to-consumer - marketing. However, contrary to common misconceptions, B2B does not call for the staid approach of distributing white papers and technical documents.

By Liz
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