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On the go: why a mobile-friendly site is more crucial than ever
20 September 2018

Though Google is secretive about the precise composition of its "secret sauce", this hasn't prevented the search giant making occasional announcements about algorithmic changes to its search product. Recently, Google has announced that mobile sites will be prioritised over desktop ones for indexing.

By Liz
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How meta robot tags can free up time for you to prune your site
10 September 2018

A website, like a bush, can become a tangled mess if simply left to grow without being carefully trimmed along the way. Over time, you might notice that some new pages of your site include information essentially duplicated from other pages that were placed in your sitemap long ago.

By Louise
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Okay, Google - how can I promote my site through Google Assistant?
05 September 2018

It was once a world that we seemed to only see in science fiction - but, in recent years, more and more of us have become accustomed to conversing with machines. For that, we can thank intelligent voice assistants like Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa and, especially excitingly, Google Assistant.

By Gareth
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