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1. The content mistakes you should be avoiding on your blog

Given the proven effectiveness of content marketing, you could see a clear appeal in setting up - and regularly updating - a blog for your company's website. However, you shouldn't expect quick success in content marketing simply from adding to a blog a few times every month.

Here, we outline a few blunders that can be too commonly made by companies that update blogs. Aim to give all of these approaches a wide berth...

blog content SEO content marketing blogging
By Louise
2. How to get your website in the Google answer box

If you have ever Googled a question and been presented with the answer at the summit of the search page, thus saving you needing to even click through to a website, you have come across a Google answer box. Your site can richly benefit from its own information landing in an answer box.

Google Analytics SEO
By Louise
3. 5 SEO myths: busted

If your business has little or no experience of SEO, it might readily buy into various myths about search engine optimisation. Here are five examples of particularly common misconceptions - followed by more accurate explanations of how different facets of SEO shape up.

SEO Marketing blogging
By Gareth
4. How submitting your website to directories can help your Google rankings

A directory is a website that displays a categorised list of other websites. There are directories for almost any website type, including ‘Home and Garden’ sites, Electricians, Web designers and more. This week on the blog we will be discussing how links from these sites can help your SEO campaign and help you climb the Google ladder.

directories seo google ladder
By Liz
5. Is your website’s speed holding it back?

Google announced earlier this year that from June 2018, the search engine will now be using page load speed as a ranking factor for mobile searches, but what exactly does this mean for your business?

website speed seo google rankings
By Gareth
6. How to make your website SEO friendly

When starting an SEO campaign for any website, it is vital you start by addressing any technical issues with your website first. By getting the basics right, the rest will follow. These are some of the issues you can address with any website. All these changes will benefit the user, and therefore, you will be rewarded by Google. 

SEO Digital Marketing SEO Campaign
By Liz
7. The best tools to use in Google Search Console

If you’ve heard of Google Search Console, but you’re not sure how it can be useful for your business, you’ve come to the right place. In this week’s blog, we are discussing the best tools that Google Search Console offers and how they can benefit you. 

google search console SEO SEO help keywords ranking on Google
By Gareth
8. A beginner’s guide to Google Analytics

For many, a new year undoubtedly means a fresh start. If your goal this year is to make your business a success, you might be looking to start with your business’s website and it’s SEO. Your site’s SEO is determined by a number of factors, such as user experience, back links, social media presence, how regularly new content is added, and successfully improving the SEO of your website will in time increase the number of visitors to your website. One of the most popular free tools used to track a website’s performance is Google Analytics.

seo google analytics google adwords organic search keywords link building
By Liz
9. 4 SEO trends that will be important in 2018

As we come to the end of 2017, it’s time for business owners to start thinking about the year ahead and make plans to improve their search engine optimisation (SEO). Of course, getting the basics right is essential, but some trends are expected to become prominent as we head into the new year. Below, we've rounded up four.

seo google
By Gareth
10. How to improve your meta descriptions and titles

Meta descriptions and titles are used to tell both users and search engines what information can be found on your webpage. Meta titles can directly affect SEO as this is the first thing Google looks at when crawling your page and is, therefore, the first indicator for Google when it is looking to rank your page. Meta descriptions, however, do not have a direct impact on SEO but they do affect rankings as they can have an impact on the click-through rate.

seo meta title meta description landing page SERP
By Liz
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