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1. Improving your local SEO in 2018

Local SEO is used by businesses to promote their products and services to local people. It does this by using an array of strategies such as rankings on major search engines like Google, popular business directories like Yelp and Foursquare, the creation of localised content on your website, online reviews and more. 

SEO local SEO structured data markup link building
By Liz
2. Maintain your SEO results by reviving your old blog posts

Updates are necessary every now and again, so why should your blog posts be any different? Not only is this important to ensure that your content remains up to date and original, but to sustain your website’s SEO efforts as best you can.

SEO blogging adwords copywriting
By Liz
3. What your business should always avoid when it comes to social media

While it’s true that social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to bring exposure to your brand, generate more sales and ultimately grow your business. However, you need to know the difference between using social media professionally and using it irresponsibly.

SEO blogging social media content marketing
By Liz
4. Questions your next SEO expert should be asking

If you’re thinking about hiring an SEO expert to help improve your brand and generate leads from your site, here are some questions that are well worth asking.  

SEO blogging marketing adwords
By Louise
5. The great debate: sharing prices on your website, yes or no?

At some point, all business owners have probably had to undergo the controversial decision of whether or not to advertise the price of their product or service on their website. This decision is a strategic one, and although on the one hand, it might make you feel vulnerable, on the other it can establish a sense of trust between you and the customer. So, why is there still a great debate about advertising your prices even if it is one of the most important factors in the buying cycle?

seo website
By Louise
6. What steps should you take to boost your physical retail store’s SEO?

The idea of having to optimise your brick-and-mortar retail business’s online presence for the search engines may seem pretty intimidating if you don’t exactly have much knowledge of SEO or what you need to do to enhance yours. 

SEO website design keywords
By Louise
7. How to increase your chances of appearing in Google’s Answer Boxes

Last year, we discussed the introduction of Rank 0 – that is, results that show up on Google’s results pages above the traditional 1-10 websites that rank on the first page. Position 0 is now one of the most sought after ranking spots on Google in its Answer Boxes feature. Results that feature in these boxes are prominent, attention-grabbing and much more likely to be clicked on than any other result. But how can you increase your chances of appearing in one of the Answer Boxes? We’ve put together three ways you can do so.

By Liz
8. Google Chrome to add ‘Not Secure' warnings on sites this year

If you're responsible for your website's search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts, then you'll already know that Google is on a mission to make the web a more secure place. In 2014, the search engine giant announced that it would give websites that are served through SSL a slight ranking boost – in other words, a chance to get ahead of their competitors.

seo ssl
By Liz
9. What kind of link building content works in 2017?

It’s fair to say that the world of link building has changed a lot in just a few short years.

Where it once sufficed to write any old flimsy thing for a guest blog post, include a backlink and watch the high-quality traffic roll in, today, you really need to offer something invaluable to human users if Google is to be much interested in it as well. 

link building seo
By Louise
10. SEO trends to expect in 2017

When it comes to boosting your website’s search engine optimisation, it pays to get ahead of the game. In the last few years, SEO has changed quite considerably – but what does the year ahead look like? Below, we’ve rounded up three of the biggest trends we’re expecting. 

seo google
By Liz
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