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1. How these native advertising examples raised the bar

Native advertising blurs the line between standard advertising and more spontaneous content. You've probably had experiences of reading through an article or watching a video only to realise relatively late that it is advertising. Native advertising can use various other forms of media, too.

We can create such advertising for your company - and, if you remain uncertain about the benefits, consider the following examples of native advertising that proved effective.

native advertising advertising content
By Gareth
2. How to create a successful landing page

A landing page is a one that receives traffic from anywhere apart from other pages on your website. These are visitors coming from social media, emails, PPC campaigns, and organic search, for example, who are directed to a range of different landing pages. A good landing page will encourage conversions and are tailored towards exactly what the visitor is looking for. Landing pages allow you to separate visitors and direct them towards specific information.

PPC SEO landing page content
By Louise
3. Here’s how to find potentially damaging content about your company online

It’s natural for the amount of traffic heading to your business’s site to wax and wane over time – for example, in response to a search engine’s algorithm changes. But if you’ve noticed a sudden drop-off in how many people are visiting your site, could there be something more sinister to blame?

content google
By Liz
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