It’s astounding to think how drastically the world has altered since the coronavirus crisis really took hold. COVID-19 has, of course, brought considerable suffering and tragedy, and forced many of us to shelter for safety in our homes, even working there.

Another thing that the virus has done, though, is cement the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO). Yes, this is a time to keep up the pace of your brand’s SEO activities, instead of slowing it down – and here are just a few advantages that doing so could help you to bring about.

It can make your brand more empathetic

At a time when more – rather than fewer – eyes may be on your brand’s online presence due to the sheer numbers of people cocooned at home, you might initially think it’s the perfect moment to use SEO to promote your products or services more forcefully.

In truth, though, shoving your brand’s offerings in front of your target audience’s faces has always been an approach with limited – indeed, perhaps even counter-productive – effectiveness.

Much of your brand’s SEO content right now, then, should probably be adopting a suitably mild tone that demonstrates your organisation’s human side. Now is the time to show that your brand truly emphasises with its customers’ current worries, instead of merely wishing to exploit them.

It will give your customers hope for after the pandemic

If the news is indicating anything to us at the moment, it’s that the road back to some kind of ‘normality’ will be a bumpy one. For how long will we need to continue keeping two metres away from each other in supermarkets? Will we all need to spend years wearing masks when outdoors? When will effective treatments and/or a vaccine arrive, if ever?   

Obviously, we don’t expect most brands to be able to give answers to these questions – or not very solid ones, anyway. But you can still use SEO right now with a long-term perspective, reassuring your customers that you will be here for a while to come, and serving their needs as the world gradually recovers from the pandemic.

It enables you to identify new trends

Certain recent changes in customer search trends may be obvious to you if you’ve noticed a huge rise of enquiries about hand sanitiser or toilet paper sold through your online store since the virus began to spread in your community.

However, even brands offering products or services that aren’t of obvious or direct relevance to a pandemic, may observe their online searchers or customers adopting new habits that weren’t evident before the coronavirus outbreak.

Who knows – maybe a lot of these trends will stick around for months or years after the pandemic is a mere memory? Regardless, the right SEO campaign can help you to keep track of such emerging and continuing developments that could inform your business’s longer-term growth strategy.

Don’t, then, ignore SEO’s sustained power, even at times when you might be tempted not to spend quite as much on digital marketing. Instead, get in touch with the Jumping Spider Media team now, whether by phone or email, for a detailed discussion of how we could serve your needs.