Managing your reputation online can be tricky at the best of times – without the right preparation and an understanding of how your company is already seen and what is likely to work with your audience, even the most theoretically brilliant social media campaign can backfire.

That’s why we would always strongly recommend launching campaigns like those below in close collaboration with an agency that knows how to get both social media and reputation management right – like Jumping Spider Media.

But those warnings aside, here are three ideas to get you going.

1. Contests, games and giveaways

There’s nothing like a contest for giving your social media page a greater sense of fun – and who doesn’t like to get free stuff? It could certainly generate significant goodwill towards your company over time.

2. Purposeful Twitter conversations

Get people talking about a subject of relevance to what your company or organisation does. It all helps to build up your firm’s authority in its field and get people associating your company with all of the right things – but make sure you choose your topic carefully.

3. Something a bit… different

We’d urge you to tread especially carefully with this one – there can be a thin line between ‘awesome’ and ‘lame’ in the eyes of your customers, and you will also need to build up anticipation in the right way to prevent anything ‘unique’ or ‘outrageous’ just falling flat.

Are you intrigued by all of the possibilities of social media, and want to ensure that your next social media campaign really does boost your company’s reputation? Contact Jumping Spider Media today to discuss your firm’s specific needs.