As long as you are even vaguely familiar with the principles of SEO copywriting, you will know how important it is to produce a continual stream of high-quality, relevant and captivating content for your organisation’s website, blog and social media profiles.  

However, you might still be churning out content in the same old tired formats as everyone else. With that in mind, here are some slightly fresher types of content that your firm may wish to give a go in 2017.


Where would Buzzfeed be if it wasn’t for such imaginative quizzes as “Should These Foods Be Dunked In Tea Or Not?” and “Who’s Better At Sex: You Or Your Partner?”

Quizzes are so effective because they are, in many ways, the natural progression from surveys and polls, not least in the sense that they are more personal. People love discovering the results of quizzes and sharing them on social media – which, of course, also helps to boost exposure for the site on which the quiz was posted.

Live videos

Facebook Live has helped to bring video marketing to new heights of relevance, and it’s still new enough that your business will really stand out by using it.

But how? Well, you may have a live vlog in which you create the impression of having a conversation with your social media followers, even responding in real time to any questions and comments that pop up. Alternatively, you might record an interview with one of your key members of staff, or cover a significant event in your industry so that people who aren’t there can feel like they are.

Data reports

You’re probably familiar with this particular form of content: that report that may be released every month on current property rental prices, or the one published every quarter showing the opinions of those in your industry on a wide range of topics.

Data reports tend to attract loads of interest and shares and are a great way to build your firm’s authority in its sector. Nor is the data needed for the report necessarily that hard to gather – just put relevant polls on your social media profiles or website and report the findings.

There you go – just three great forms of content with which you might be tempted to experiment in 2017. Talk to Jumping Spider Media to learn more about how we can craft compelling and engaging content that really brings the right results for your firm.