No one wants to make avoidable errors if they’re trying to get to grips with something new and unfamiliar – especially when it’s their own money they’re spending. Such is routinely the case with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

The Google Ads platform – previously known as Google AdWords – is absolutely central to PPC, and there’s no doubt that it can be a powerful way to quickly boost relevant traffic to your website. However, it’s also a specialised field that can be overwhelming and intimidating to many.

That’s one reason why we provide our own complete PPC marketing service here at Jumping Spider Media. Still, if you want to maximise your chances of success with Google Ads – and minimise costly errors – it’s useful to be aware of what some of the most common mistakes are.

Here, then, are just three.

Getting your location targeting wrong

Wherever you are in the world – for example, the UK, or even a specific region of the country – it probably makes sense to target those who are actually located in that part of the world, or who can benefit in some way from your business’s products or services.

However, if your Google Ads campaign is set to an entire nation, for instance, and you’re a very local business with a local customer base, you might be spending a lot of money promoting your brand to people who are unlikely to become paying customers.

It’s not the only location-related mistake you could make with your Google Ads presence, but it can be a frighteningly common one for novices.

Failing to keep an eye on search terms

Another thing that a lot of online business owners new to Google Ads can be guilty of, is forgetting to frequently review the search terms their campaign is using. By ‘search terms’, of course, we’re referring to those words or phrases that human users type into Google’s search bar, and that might lead them to come across your advertisement.

We would advise you to monitor your campaign’s search terms at least once a week. This will give you a better and more up-to-date understanding of what search terms are working for you when it comes to attracting potential customers who actually convert, and which ones don’t.

This, in turn, will enable you to continually optimise your PPC campaign for effectiveness.

Depending too much and too early on automated methods

If you’re specifically trying to avoid mistakes, it might seem like common sense to select the automated bidding system from the very start, so that Google itself is handling your ads.

But this isn’t quite as ‘safe’ a bet for newcomers as it may seem. For one thing, Google’s algorithm requires a decent amount of data to be able to optimise properly. That means your results could be poor if you just launch into automated strategies straight away, without having any proper data first.

Also bear in mind that automated bidding – as the term suggests – takes away your control. So, it’s actually better in many ways to manually bid on keywords to begin with. It’ll help establish foundations for your brand’s longer-term success on Google Ads.

We can understand you feeling a little overwhelmed by the prospect of taking on a PPC campaign – but the reality is that you don’t have to be. To strengthen your chances of success, ensure you have the Google Ads experts by your side, by enquiring to the Jumping Spider Media team today.