Many brands may be in the thick of their Christmas preparations right about now, but that’s no reason for them not to be mindful of the road further ahead. We are, of course, referring to 2022, and the plans businesses should be putting in place for their New Year content marketing.

2021 hasn’t been “just another” year; amid the continuing COVID-19 crisis, it’s notable that even as lockdown restrictions have been lifted this year, online sales as a percentage of broader retail sales have remained well above the levels seen before the pandemic truly hit the UK in the spring of 2020.

What does that tell you? Well, it tells you that you are likely to have a significant number of eyeballs on your brand’s online content in the New Year, even compared to previous years.

Let’s, then, take a look at just three ways you might aim to capture some of that interest and drive sales and revenue in January 2022.

Hype up your New Year’s Day sale

It might be one of the more ‘obvious’ tips we could suggest for your New Year marketing content, but it’s also one that some businesses follow surprisingly rarely.

‘Flash’ sales that are gone as quickly as they came are a big hit in today’s e-tail landscape. And New Year’s Day could be as great a time as any to offer especially deep discounts – perhaps as much as 50% or more – to clear out that stubborn leftover stock.

Making plenty of fuss about your sale on your company blog and over social media could also help drive brand awareness. This, in turn, could aid you in keeping hold of some customers who might take advantage of the sale to buy from your store for the first time ever.

Tempt customers making returns to make impulse purchases

January sales aside, what is the first month of the year traditionally about for ecommerce stores? Alas, it’s sadly often about handling a high level of returns. Whether the customer is returning an unwanted Christmas gift or an item they bought for themselves, the New Year is a time when ‘buyer regret’ can hit hard. And it makes sense to make your store’s returns policy generous and customer-friendly, if you want to win that person’s custom ever again.

One other thing you can do, though, is cheekily design your store and its content to help make new impulse purchases likely. Whether you blog about categories of product in your store that are often particularly popular during the New Year period – such as fitness clothing or books – or you suggest alternatives to items that are frequently returned in January, there’s a lot you can potentially do to get people impulse buying.

Embrace body positivity in your marketing

Of all the times of year when we might be especially likely to feel terrible about our bodies, January surely must be the top one. For evidence of that, you only need to look at the statistics related to how many people pledge to do more exercise or improve fitness for their New Year resolutions.

If your store specialises in items that could help the customer to achieve enhanced fitness or greater weight loss, there is an obvious opportunity to focus on these in your New Year marketing. There is just as great an opportunity, however, to help your target customer feel better about their bodies as they already are, including through body-positive messaging and photography.

After all, we all have different relationships with our bodies, and we are all at different stages of our journey with our bodies. Customers today appreciate ‘relatable’ marketing content, which the body-positivity movement very much taps into.

Whatever the scale and nature of your brand’s ambitions may be for 2022, we can help you to hit the sweet spot with your online content from the very first day of the New Year. Simply contact us now to learn more about what our digital marketing experts could do for you.