So, your organisation has started a business blog, but once it’s set up, what do you do next? Here are three things that all brands should do with their business blog, but which are too often overlooked.

  1. Be consistent

When we say “consistent”, we mean that in two different ways – you need to be consistent in how often you post, as well as in the tone of your content.

Firstly, posting content at a regular and consistent rate will help your brand build up a loyal following, as it will encourage your readers to come back to your blog in expectation of seeing new and authoritative content from you throughout the week, month, and year.

Secondly, the tone of your content should reflect the voice of your brand. If, for example, your brand usually prioritises seriousness and gravitas in its communications – as is the case for law firms and professional services providers – a blog that has a more offbeat tone might make a jarring read for your target readers.  

Over time, your brand should be able to find and develop its voice as an authority in its industry, with your audiences knowing exactly what to expect from you.  

  1. Do your research, and find your niche

It is important to find out what blogs are already out there in your brand’s industry, what content has already been covered, and what your competitors are posting about.

This will allow you to quickly see what topics might work well for blogs in your sector. In addition, it will help you identify any relevant subjects that might not have been covered extensively on your competitors’ blogs, so that your own business can potentially capitalise on this gap.

If you find topics, or even simply original angles on familiar topics, that are not currently featured on rivals’ blogs, you might take it upon yourself to write informative articles about these subjects. Taking advantage of these niches could further help you solidify your brand as a thought leader.  

  1. Remember to promote your blog

Getting the right content together is all well and good. However, it will not have as powerful an impact for your brand as it could do, if you lack the measures for encouraging relevant traffic to your blog and your brand’s broader site.

So, you should be sure to promote your blog across all your brand’s social media channels. That can include notifying followers of any new posts that you publish, but also perhaps drawing attention back to your older blog posts from time to time.

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