As a key decision-maker for your business, you might understandably imagine that you need to avoid your brand coming across as “boring”. But on the other hand, if one of your organisation’s target customers lands on your brand’s website, they will almost certainly be seeking useful information – for example, about a product or service of yours – to help them make a buying decision.

So, it won’t be enough for your brand’s online content to give the impression that your company is fun, or prestigious, or aspirational… it will need to be genuinely helpful to your target audiences, too.

With that in mind, here are three tips to apply to your content creation efforts this year:

  • Don’t treat your brand’s website like a mere online ‘sales brochure’

If you can give your site visitors a strong experience overall – including by providing answers to the questions they might be especially likely to ask – it is likelier that they will keep on coming back to your website over time.

This is because they will come to regard your brand as a trustworthy authority in its field. And of course, the more effective you can be in achieving that, the more probable it is that many of those visitors will ultimately buy from you.

  • Bear in mind that every page of your website could be a landing page from search

The pages of your website that appear in prominent positions in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant terms won’t necessarily be those that you had specifically intended to be “landing pages”.

So, you should make sure every page of your site is one that enables a visitor to quickly develop an understanding of what your business does, and the ways in which your products and/or services are relevant to their needs.

  • Find out what information your target customers need to know

You may initially begin to learn this information relatively informally – for example, through questions that customers ask you at your brick-and-mortar business site – followed by a more formal, data-driven approach.

Whatever you do to gather insights into what your target audiences are seeking information about – which might also include looking at the questions your competitors are answering through their content – it is crucial for this to be reflected in the content you create for your own site.

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