Whether you’ve just rustled up a great new blog post or infographic on your site, or you are wondering how to get the best out of content on your site from months or years ago that may no longer be getting many views, there’s no doubt that effectively promoting your content is vital. 

So, here are just three proven ways to draw more of the right eyes to your brand’s content – some of them less obvious than others.  

Promote it across multiple social media posts 

There’s no rule saying that you can only mention a given piece of content once on your organisation’s social media channels. But of course, if you do go down the path of mentioning one piece of content repeatedly, you have to somehow do so in an interesting, rather than overly repetitive way.  

The good news is that there are a lot of great ways to do that. For example, you could highlight certain statistics in your social posts that you didn’t mention the first time, pick out eye-catching quotes, or even just phrase the content title in different ways. 

Get an industry expert to provide their view 

A given piece of content can be made more intriguing for those who don’t normally make a habit of looking at your site, if you include a quote from a respected individual in your industry in the content itself. 

Experts who feel strongly about certain ‘hot topics’ in their field are likely to be more than happy to contribute their opinion to your article or other content, if you reach out to them. However, it could also be a good idea to give them an incentive, in the form of a link back to their own site. 

Link to it from your most popular existing content 

When a lot of us think about link building, we’re immediately put in mind of the practice of accumulating links from other, external sites. But internal links – that is, links from other parts of your own site – can also greatly help draw attention and traffic towards your new content. 

So, if there’s a particular old blog post or ‘how to’ article on your site that still seems to attract a steady stream of people who come across it via Google search, why not give it a subtle update with links to your new content? 

The above, of course, are just some of the possibilities for spreading the word about the high-quality and relevant content your brand (hopefully!) produces. 

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