Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be an exceedingly powerful way of drawing more of the right people to your website. However, in a climate in which costs for businesses seem to be going up in almost every respect, even if you’re pleased with the results from your own brand’s PPC campaigns so far, you might be increasingly concerned at the moment about your Cost Per Click (CPC).

So, let’s outline three quick tips that could assist in lowering your CPC in the current financially disciplined environment we all need to embrace.

  1. Be savvy in how you choose your keywords, not merely targeting the cheapest ones

As a business owner, you will probably be well aware of the many ways in which ‘cutting to the bone’ with your business costs would not be a good idea. Well, it’s a similar story when it comes to your Google Ads campaigns.

Yes, you probably should be thinking carefully about cost when selecting keywords for PPC marketing. However, you also probably shouldn’t be ruling out a given keyword on the basis of price alone. After all, some of your current best-performing keywords may also happen to be among your most expensive ones.

So, don’t allow a commitment to frugality to cause you to miss out on valuable conversions. Instead, when choosing keywords, aim for a healthy blend of low-cost keywords and high-reward keywords, to help you achieve the lowest possible CPC while preserving conversion quantity and quality.

2. Improve your ads and landing pages to give yourself a better Quality Score

Google describes Quality Score as “a diagnostic tool meant to give you a sense of how well your ad quality compares to other advertisers.” And when it comes to paying for a click in a Google Ads auction, Quality Score does matter, as it is possible for an advertiser with a low bid, but a high Quality Score to win an auction over a bidder with a lower Quality Score, but a higher bid.

Google accepts this trade-off because it wishes to make the maximum possible amount of money from paid search ads, without sacrificing a good experience for the human searcher. A higher Quality Score indicates that the advertiser’s ad will be of greater use to the searcher, which might lead Google to accept their bid, despite this resulting in a cheaper click.

So, how you can improve your own Quality Score as an advertiser, to potentially drive down your CPC? Improving the quality of your ads and landing pages is one great way to do it, including regularly refreshing them, incorporating any newly added keywords, and taking into account Google’s own suggestions within its platform for how to strengthen your ads.

3. Give the Google Search Network a go

The Google Search Network is, in Google’s own words, “a group of search-related websites and apps where your ads can appear.” By advertising on the Google Search Network, you can have your ad show near search results on one of these sites or apps when someone performs a search for a term related to one of your keywords.

Historically, CPC rates for Google search partners have tended to be cheaper than for the main Google search, as they are often less competitive. So, if reducing your brand’s CPC is a big priority right now, it could be well worth opting your campaign into these search partners, and comparing the results you get against those you obtain through Google’s own search engine results pages (SERPs).

PPC marketing can be a sometimes overwhelming and confusing world – especially for newcomers – but it certainly doesn’t have to be. For a more detailed conversation about our comprehensive, target-based and transparent paid search management service, please do not hesitate to contact Jumping Spider Media’s Google Ads experts today.