With Christmas just around the corner, there’s never been a more important time to focus on brand awareness. Whether you execute a marketing strategy throughout the year or you’re only just trying to catch up to your competitors, follow these three failsafe ways of boosting brand engagement.

Start blogging

Blogging can open up unique opportunities to engage with your audience on a closer level – whether that’s talking about your business objectives, showcasing case studies and success stories or giving your readers helpful advice.

In the run up to Christmas, post regular content that’s tailored to the festive season – Christmas gift guides, useful information and festive-inspired fun. Leave a call to action at the bottom of your posts – whether that’s asking for a comment or encouraging readers to get in touch – and you’ll be sure to see your brand engagement increase.

 Tweet away

Social media is the most obvious method of boosting brand awareness, but is your marketing strategy working? Be sure to mix promotional messages with fun, engaging content – in December, you can be more creative with your messages than ever. Include images, GIFs, videos and emojis to capture your audience’s attention, and don’t forget to respond to tweets and comments.

Run a competition                                                                                                         

Everybody loves a giveaway, so running a competition in the build up to Christmas makes sense. Whether you give away one of your products or services, or you offer a festive-inspired treat for one lucky winner, it’s easy to get people involved and make your competition go viral on social media. Don’t forget to ask for something in return, whether that’s a retweet or a comment, and remember to follow up on all of your entrants in the New Year with some promotional material.

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