Even as 2021 looms, certain things that have been true of search engine optimisation (SEO) for years remain very much true now. One of those things is the sheer power of the right link building campaign. Collecting a good number of high-quality backlinks to your site will supercharge your efforts to get your brand ranking strongly in the search engine rankings. 

One of your fears about link building, though, might be the prospect of the ‘begging bowl’ approach – having to somehow persuade authoritative and respected sites to link to you. 

Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of methods you can adopt these days to help drive the accumulation of high-quality inbound links, but not all of them are widely spoken about. Here are some examples of what we mean. 

Participating in podcast interviews 

With many of us continuing to spend more time in our homes amid the coronavirus crisis, a lot of members of your target audience might well be listening to podcasts more often now than they have ever done before. 

So, why not investigate the podcasts out there for which you could be a suitable guest? If you do participate in a podcast interview, there’s a good chance of the podcast host linking to your site on their post for the given episode, complete with an introduction to you and your business. 

Podcasting, then, isn’t a mere ‘craze’ anymore – it could be a fine avenue to getting more links to your site! 

Running free online video courses 

Another thing a fair number of us have been doing lately, is taking advantage of what might feel like a period of relative ‘downtime’ to sign up for free online courses or consume educational content – for example, to prepare ourselves for the next stage of our careers.

Depending on your business and its sector, you might be able to tap into this burgeoning market yourself. Providing high-quality educational content that real people find useful can be an excellent way to attract organic backlinks. 

By ‘organic’, we mean links that people give you because they find your content useful and wish to recommend it to their own followers, rather than links that you have to beg for. 

Sponsoring or hosting events and webinars 

Granted, ‘in-person’ events have been greatly hampered by the pandemic, but webinars are certainly having a moment. Regardless of temporary circumstances like these, though, hosting or sponsoring an event or seminar could be a powerful way to build a lot of backlinks from popular sites in the space of just a few days each time. 

After all, if the event is significant and useful enough, it could enable you to get mentions – and links – from the likes of the media, sponsors, and the websites of the event participants. 

While the link building opportunity shouldn’t be your only reason for getting involved in a webinar, seminar, conference or similar event, the benefits in this regard might be greater than you expect. 

Link building isn’t something that your brand can do casually – it’s vital to use only ‘white hat’, ethical techniques that also stand a strong chance of attracting the right links to your site. So, don’t hesitate to email or call Jumping Spider Media about how we can help you achieve your link building ambitions.