If you write your brand’s content yourself, you may understandably dread the moment when the well of your imagination starts to run dry.

You may feel as if you’ve written all of the ‘How to…’ and ‘5 tips for…’ articles that you possibly can for your industry. And you might fear that just switching to writing endlessly about your products and services would make you come across as too overtly ‘salesy’.

So, what’s next? Simple: tapping into the ‘hot topics’ being talked about by your target customers right now. Here are just three ways to find out what those topics are.

Browse Twitter

Yeah, Twitter can be scary at times. Butit’s also a richly stimulating and seemingly inexhaustible mine of potential blog content ideas – for practically any industry.

All that you have to do is hammer a relevant term into Twitter’s search function and hit the ‘Enter’ button, to discover how people are currently tweeting about that particular word or phrase.

Keep an eye on forums

Internet message boards may have been overtaken somewhat in the ‘zeitgeist’ by social networks, but they’re definitely still around.

With entire online forums frequently being based around one subject or industry, having a few relevant ones to look over on a regular basis gives you a source of blog topic ideas that will almost certainly be well-aligned with what your blog visitors will want to read about.

Quora and Reddit have become especially popular sites lately for in-depth conversations about all manner of keenly contested subjects.

Follow the daily news

You should be keeping up to date with the news in your industry anyway, but we’re not necessarily referring to this practice alone.

That’s because even news stories that might seem only tenuously related to your company’s sector may still be great for spinning off into interesting blog posts.

This latter technique is known as “newsjacking”. You might be a legal firm, for example, and discover that a pop star currently in the news formerly studied law. Ormaybe your business is a property listings portal for the Algarve, and a high-profile sporting event recently took place there?

These are just some of the ways in which tapping into the news could work for generating compelling blog posts. However, we’dstrongly urge you to avoid “newsjacking” topics that could make your brand come across as tactless or tasteless, such as natural disasters or celebrity deaths.

Even the very best writers sometimes find themselves struggling to come up with new ideas for blog content, so don’t fret too much if it happens to you. Just bear the above possibilities in mind – and if you’d appreciate capable and seasoned copywriters taking on your brand’s blog-writing responsibilities for you, get in touch with the Jumping Spider Media team today.