The key to writing good copy is striking a balance between your audience and search engines – but it’s entirely possible to boost your website’s search engine optimisation by following these four tips.

Write for your audience, not Google

Although you may be tempted to tailor your content to meet the needs of search engines like Google, you should instead put your focus on your audience. Unless your content reads well and offers something noteworthy, there’s little point in trying to rank for it at all. Focus on writing quality, engaging content, or rely on the expert copywriters at Jumping Spider Media.

Split up your content into sections

Splitting your content into readable chunks is one of the best ways to make your copy stand out – and it’s known to serve as a ranking boost on Google. Use the appropriate header tags, add images throughout and remember to offer a conclusion at the end of your post to sum up your key points.

Stick to a single keyword

Ranking for multiple keywords on the same post is possible, but you should choose a single keyword to focus on when writing your content. Try not to stuff a keyword into your article as it could appear spammy and ruin the flow of your copy – instead, find a natural way to incorporate a keyword and use it a couple of times throughout your blog post.

Include links

Links are essential for search engine optimisation, so remember to include both internal (links to your website) and external (links to third party websites) links in your copy. Not only will this give your readers more information about your article’s subject, but linking to a third party website may result in boosted brand awareness – and you could even get a link back from their website.

There you have it – four ways to ensure that your content is seen by the search engines. For more search engine optimisation advice, get in touch with the Jumping Spider Media team today.